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People often ask us “What makes your software different than others in the marketplace?”

We can’t help but respond saying that the question should be, “What makes GovSense different than others in the marketplace?”

Simply by switching those two words, “your software” with our brand, “GovSense” means everything to us.

See, we are not strictly a software company. Yes, our software adds tremendous value to customers and the citizens they serve; however, first and foremost, we are an organization of Gamechangers.

GovSense Gamechangers was formed because we saw that local government software and service vendors were consistently violating Rule #1 of consulting: over-promising and under-delivering.

So how are GovSense Gamechangers changing the landscape?

Step 1:  We hire candidates with high energy, exceptional morals, and epic passion for local government. If we share the same purpose, this will never be a job.

Step 2: We give our employees the tools to be Gamechangers. We teach them what it takes to be an innovator. We encourage them to identify their own passion and share it with everyone. Whether it is a volunteer community event or a micro-vertical in civicgov, we support their direction and will invest in them.

Step 3: We recruit our customers to be Gamechangers. When you select GovSense to be part of your community, it is truly a partnership. It is one we value and earn year-after-year.  With each new GovSense user, there is an opportunity for that individual to share the message that there is a better way and Gamechangers are navigating that path to innovation.

Join us in our mission to change the way GovSense partners with customers, citizens and communities to build smarter solutions for our country’s future.

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